Our founders grew up thousands of miles apart yet somehow connected as if long-lost brothers. Most likely due to their shared love of the land, people and heritage that makes us truly American. So they set out to pay homage the best way they knew how; by highlighting the true source of all things good, the land.

Exceptional Wine and Spirits Require Quality-Grown Ingredients

That was all the ammunition they needed. Ammunition was not born out of novelty, but out of love and respect for the hard-working farmers and growers.

A Fitting Tribute

A fitting tribute to the everlasting heritage of the American spirit, born free to live life to its fullest.

The True Spirit of the West Lives On

In every bottle of Ammunition Wine or Whiskey. Based in Sonoma County, Ammunition Wine & Whiskey is part of Daylight Wine + Spirits, one of America's fastest-growing independent companies.


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